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London Escorts

London escorts services have come on it leaps and bounds over the last few years. They are now taken on famous name such as Swedish born escort Tittiana Nilsson and her girls. London escorts are expanding their services specially charlotteaction.org and coming up with new exciting ideas which look like they can rival anything the West End girls have to offer. However, maybe they should be a bit careful.

West End girls have a lot of experience and many regulars. I cannot see them being happy or willing to let go of their regulars without a fight, and I can just see a punching match coming up with Knightsbridge boutique shopping bags and Camden town market shopping bags. I do hope the London that I love will not turn into a war zone for waring London escorts and West End girls.

The Truth

The truth is that London escorts services have come along way in recent years, and the girls who work their have realized that they have a lot to offer. They are rivaling West End girls with setting up their own web sites, and many of the girls are smart enough to do it themselves.

On top of that, they have learned SEO marketing and this is something the West End girls have not caught up with as yet. They are scratching their blonde little heads and wondering what SEO marketing can be all about. It is rumored that some of the largest West End agencies have taken on SEO marketing experts to promote them, and many of the escorts have taken to Twitter and other social media.

Perhaps it is about time that West End girls realized that they could easily be knocked off their pretty little perches by the London girls.


London is now attracting almost as many millionaire investors as West London areas such as Mayfair and Kensington. New money is coming into town, and it is not moving into the West End. This is rather beginning to worry West End girls who are anxiously following developments on the other side of the river.

It is rumored that some West End girls have been seen property hunting in the West End, and it is a possibility they have recognized the fact that they may have to relocate to keep up with their credit cards bills. London escorts like to shop as much as their West End rivals but they have not spent years being spoiled by millionaire dates. They are only just beginning to appreciate the beauty of regular gifts and shopping adventures.

One thing is for certain, the London escorts scene is changing rapidly and it makes you wonder what is going to happen in 1o years time. Will the majority of the business have moved to London, and will the girls that work in the West End have moved on to newer pastures in the English countryside? If the West London girls are smart, they need to get their skates on and move with the times.


Guildford Girls

A lot of gents seem to be reluctant to date outside London, but let me tell you will be surprised at some of the stunning girls that you can find outside London. I have personally started to date Guildford escorts recently, and I find them to be incredibly hot and sexy escorts. There are a few elite Guildford escorts agencies like http://cityofeve.com/guildford-escorts that you might want to check out. They all offer really good services, and many of the ladies are really sexy. As a matter of fact, A lot of the ladies in this area are just as hot and stunning as central London girls.

I live in Guildford, and this is the main reason I date Guildford escorts. It is really convenient to be able to go on a sexy incall in your own home town. You don’t have to worry about taking the train up to London, or driving somewhere only to struggle with parking. The girls here offer an outcall service as well, and I often take advantage of that on a Friday night. When Friday comes around I am normally tired and don’t fancy going out anywhere. So for me an outcall service works best on a Friday night.

It is easy to arrange dates with Guildford escorts as well. You can do everything over the Internet if you would like, or use the phone. Personally I find it more convenient to use the phone so I arrange all my dates with my local escorts over the phone. It is nice to be able to talk through your requirements, and you never know what you might fancy. Some nights when I am speaking to the agency I find that I change my mind, and go for something unexpected instead. It is nice with a change from time to time.

The selection of Guildford escorts is excellent. I find that you can easily date hot blondes or super sexy brunettes. All of the elite agencies here in Guildford always seem to have plenty of ladies available. You also get a choice between petites and larger sizes. The Guildford escorts agencies are always very honest about the choice available, and they will talk you through all of the arrangements. I know many gents who used to date in central London who now prefer dating in Guildford instead. They say the girls are just as hot, sexy and open minded.

To be honest, I don’t think that I will ever travel up to London again to date escorts. The service and the company is just as good down here in Guildford, and I have found some really sexy ladies that I enjoy spending time with. I don’t think that I will get bored with the girls down here in Guildford as I find that they are very interesting and meet all my needs. If you live in Guildford, you should certainly consider checking out Guildford escorts, they are the hottest and sexiest girls in the area, and I promise you that you will not be disappointed.

Girls in Basildon

Are you looking for hot girls in Basildon? Look no further than Basildon escorts services http://charlotteaction.org/basildon-escorts. This is the one agency in Basildon where you will be able to meet the hottest girls in town. It doesn’t matter what kind of girl you would like to meet – skinny, fat, short or black – they are all their for you. All of the Basildon escorts that you can see on line are just as hot in the flesh so to speak. So, if you would like some hot and sexy babes, you should make your way to Basildon to date the hottest of the hottest.

What is so special about Basildon escorts? Basildon escorts agencies are know to have some of the kinkiest girls in town. So, if you are looking for kinky girls and hot babes that can really rock your world, you need to make your way to Basildon. Mind, the hot babes of Basildon do outcalls as well, so you can stay at home in the comfort of your own home and have some adult fun. That might be kind of nice on a Friday or Saturday night. It would certainly make a change from going down to the pub with your mates.

If you are new to dating in Basildon, you really need to check out some of the hot blondes that date here. First of all we have the stunning Amanda who has legs up to her arms pits. Combine that with golden blonde locks and you will be sure that you night will be amazing. Amanda is a former lingerie model with the most perfect body and the hottest titties in Basildon. She loves to show off her fantastic figure and if you are good, she will treat you to a slow dance out of this world.

Cyndi is another one of the super hot Basildon escorts that you can date on a regular basis. She has been working in Basildon for the last few years and knows exactly how to look after her gents. This multi-talented girl likes to show you what good love is all about and perhaps you should just sit back and enjoy the ride. Cyndi is not a blonde, she is a hot Polish brunette who just loves to tease and please her dates. She works in Basildon on an outcall and incall basis, so this is one hot lady who can come around to your house whenever you feel the urge.

How often do you date? If you don’t date very often and would like to have a special date. Perhaps you should try to treat yourself to a VIP escort. VIP hot babes can be very special and most of them really do know how to set a gent on fire. They just love to pay a little bit of extra attention to detail when it comes to dating and have some extra special tricks up their sleeves. Of course, all of the hot babes of Basildon are special, but dating VIP is a unique experience.

Holborn Girls Escorts

I grew up in a sleepy little Hampshire village, and I would never have thought I would end up in London dating dominatrix Holborn escorts like http://charlotteaction.org/holborn-escorts/. Before I came to London, I was not interested in domination at all, but I happen to watch a porn movie one night, and in the movie there was a great dominatrix scene. It really turned me on, and the next day I found myself surfing the Internet for dominatrix services in London. They were quite a lot of them and in the end I ended up finding a dominatrix Holborn escorts service where I

live in Holborn.At first I was very hesitant but after a couple of days, I did manage to pick up the phone and call the lady. She seemed really normal, and was not concerned that I had not dated dominatrix Holborn escorts before. I thought it was going to be a huge problem but she suggested that I book a two hour date so that she could explain everything. On the phone she sounded like this was the most natural thing in the entire world, and a couple of days later I found myself in taxi on the way to her dungeon.This really nice lady meet me at the door, and offered my a drink. She explained that I was not allowed to drink alcohol as I may agree to something which I did not want to do. Her name was Lola, and she more than anything reminded me of a good friend. She asked if I was giver or taker, and I had to say that I did not understand what she meant. Apparently, she was a giver so that meant that she would dominate me. If she would have been a taker, I would have dominated her.Relieved to know a bit more, I entered her dungeon and it really took me back at first. It looked a bit like a torture chamber but once again Lola was very natural about everything. She explained to me about safe or break words which meant we would stop playing. They were to be used if I felt uncomfortable or did not want to play anymore. Lola asked me if I enjoyed pain and I said that I did a little bit. She showed me some of the things which we could play with to inflict some slight pain, and we tried a couple.Anyway, a couple of months later I am still dating dominatrix Holborn escorts and I really enjoy it. I didn’t think that I had it in me, but since I started dating dominatrix Holborn escorts, I sort of feel liberated in a strange kind of way. I really enjoy but I have not shared my pleasures with my family back in Hampshire.I think if I get a girlfriend, I will have to tell her about my little quirk but then again she might be into dominance as well. I really hope she is so that we can play together.

Boring Porn

Asking around my London escorts colleagues, I have found that most of them think that porn is boring. I would have to say that I agree, porn can be terribly boring and I don’t really watch it. However, I do have some dates here at London escorts who love watching porn, some of them even have an extensive collection of porn movies. I can understand why somebody want to collect erotic art, but I do not understand why somebody would like to collect porn movies. To me, it seems like it is just an obsession. Do they actually go back at watch a porn movie they have seen before?


Alan is a keen collector of porn movies, and he says that he collects them just because he fancies certain porn stars. Most of the girls at London escorts think that I watch a lot of porn movies, but I don’t. It is just a hobby, and I enjoy collecting. I think that we all like to collect something, and like I say to the girls at London escorts, I collect porn movies. Some of the girls I date collect stuff as well, and I often wonder if we have a natural need to collect something.

Joe is another gent who dates London escorts, and loves his porn movies. I know that most London escorts say that porn movies are boring, but I don’t think so. My collection consists of both new and classical movies. There are some porn movies which have made an awful lot of money through the years, and I do enjoy those. As a matter of fact, you can trace the history of porn through my library of movies, and it is kind of interesting. Porn has changed a lot over the years, and it can be interesting to look back.

Do I collect porn movies, says Dave? Yes, I do and I love it. However, I have to say that I agree with London escorts that amateur porn movies are rubbish and I never watch them. Professional porn movies are much better. The girls I date at London escorts seem to think that porn movies are boring as they are just a variation on a theme. The fact is that there are some directors out there who are really good at making porn movies, and others are not. If, you want to watch a porn movie I think that you should watch a decent porn movie.

Lena from Charlotte action escorts website charlotteaction.org that she knows that her dates love their porn movies, and have extensive personal libraries. I know what Alan is saying, and I think that is true. We do seem to have a basic need to collect something, but in my case it would never be porn movies. Some of the men that I date collect other things as well, and personally I like to collect china, but I suppose that is very girlie thing, giggles Lena. I cannot see myself collecting porn movies at all, or anything like that.